PARTILINK designs & manufactures reliable et performant video processing solutions for professionals in military, medical, digital signage and municipal applications. Combining extensive features with the best resolution of nowadays, PARTILINK products are designed to perform to the highest standards for mission critical


Security Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, Traffic Control Centers, Surveillance Control Rooms, Command Centers

PARTILINK’s secured multiview video wall solutions enhance real-time situational awareness and improve collaboration, bringing relevant decisions in short time. Customizable and Reliable, our Multiview video wall processing systems support security centers, surveillance control rooms and command centers of any size, from single-operator stations to multi-sites. Fully designed by our senior engineers, our solutions operate 24/7 properly with high security for mission-critical applications at a reasonable price.


Courtrooms, Knowledge Wall, Boardroom, Control room, Simulation & trainings, Safety Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Transportation Management Centers (TMC), Traffic Operations Centers (TOC), and Security Operations Centers (SOC).

With over 25 years expertise, Partilink senior engineers’ solutions for control rooms and operations centers are maximized to suit to government expectations in terms of reliability and performances.

Defense & Aerospace

Command & Control room, Simulation, Trainings, mobile and satellite communications, missile defense, security and intelligence agencies

Partilink products have been trusted for assisting leading military forces for important operations and applications. Our devices enable unlimited customization of multi windows controlled via RS232 telnet, web user interface and the maximized hardware features suit to specialized military applications.


Telemedicine, Operating Theaters, Teaching Hospitals, Trauma Centers, Surgical Suites, Research Centers, Mobile Health Units.

As the digital signage is becoming more common for medical applications, Partilink multiview solutions provide high-resolution visuals which match to medical imaging systems and telemedicine. Our high-end performance products suit to health technology which is constantly evolving though new innovations.


Commercial Digital Signage, Boardroom, Corporate Lobby, Presentation, Command & Control, Video Conferencing, Creative Video Walls, Video Distribution, Video Switching

Partilink display solutions for conference room and digital signage video walls maximizes presentation experience, and showcase brand identity. Versatile and user-friendly, our products support video walls up to 4x4, from the executive boardroom to video wall lobby displays.

Entertainment& Sports

Casino, Stadium, Museum, Entertainment Space

Partilink solutions provide immersive video display environment with flexible signal distribution over IP and with flexible displays of varying sizes and resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K60fps YUV4.4.4

Training & Education

College/University Classroom, Lecture Hall/Auditorium, Distance Learning, Classrooms, Lecture halls, Laboratories, Libraries, School Auditoriums

Partilink provides multiview video processing solutions at a reasonable price, cost effective control room management solutions that enhance educational environment. Our products support high-resolution for multimedia displays, classroom collaboration, campus security and emergency management applications and for student’s safety concerns, our pure hardware products operate 24/7 prfoperly with high security.


Real-time Operating Centers, Control Rooms, Simulation and Training Facilities, Tele-Presence, Video Conferencing Centers

Designed for 24/7 reliability with significant security level, our devices multiple operators, local or remote, to monitor production efficiently and view critical data in real-time. Our Multiview technology enable user to customize multi window display as will with high performance video resolution.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Control Room, Video Wall Display, Real-Time Remote Monitoring Systems

Your costly machinery installations should be well controlled and operated with an effective and reliable control system to ensure safety and fast action in case of production issue. Partilink solutions ensure high reliability 24/7 with maximized performances at a reasonable price.

Digital Signage

Lobby Receptions, Cafeterias, Break Rooms, Elevators, Manufacturing floors, Meeting Rooms

Partilink professionals’ devices provide the Ultra HD 4K60fps resolution for the best experience through your digital signage system with Multiview feature which create an immersive brand experience for the clients.

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