Partilink solution at Frankfurt Airport, Germany

QUADVIEW KVM PROCESSORS driving major efficiency benefits at airport security checkpoints

Our processors have been trusted by safety & security department of German airport. Partilink provide secure and innovative products to ensure the safety and security of around 60 million passengers who pass through Frankfurt Airport every year. Our devices are customized with special features to suit specialized security applications and installations.

Partilink Multiviewers at one of the Most Powerful Military in the world

Secure HDMI2.0 / DP / VGA ensures high performances for mission-critical in control rooms

Partilink Multiviewer have been trusted for assisting military in control rooms for soldiers’ trainings such as mobile and satellite communications, missile defense, Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Distributed Common Ground Systems (DCGS) , C4 Systems, and much more through the unlimited customization possibilities performed by our Partilink Multiviewers. We are proud of continuing to provide customized and quality products for government and military projects and facilities.

HDMI2.0 Multiviewer in the lobbies of a worldwide tobacco company

HDMI2.0 Multiviewer provides the Ultra HD 4K50fps resolution for the best experience through its commercial digital signage system with Multiview feature

Our processors have been trusted by a global leading player in the tobacco industry. Partilink provide immersive video display environment with flexible displays of varying sizes and resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K60fps YUV4.4.4. Our client required 50Hz which is supported by our Multiview processors.